Mobile refrigeration

The benefits of COLDINNOV mobile refrigeration

Only 30% of the energy generated by fuel in a combustion engine is used to move the vehicle. This observation – combined with the temperature requirements of the refrigerated transport industry – led the COLDINNOV teams to design their process to meet the requirements of mobile refrigeration. Existing compression units currently use part of the engine’s power to operate. The result is excess fuel consumption, and higher CO² emissions.

The thermochemical refrigeration offered by COLDINNOV uses a heat-activated reserve of chemical energy. The heat source will initially be an external charger, when the vehicle is at the depot. However, the COLDINNOV team is looking to collect the heat from the exhaust to produce the required cold temperatures.

As it does not need a compressor, it is silent, hardly burns any additional fuel, and requires less maintenance. Furthermore, the chemically stored cold reserve can be used very flexibly as it does not depend on the engine.