August 2016 – Industrial pilot PIFAC 1

The industrial pilot PIFAC 1 has been operational since August 2016. It uses cogeneration via a power generator LEPRON. 24 HECO/S COLDINNOV reactors ensure its performance.


January 2016 – P4.2 Prototype

The P4.2 Prototype guarantees continuous refrigeration. The use of 4 COLDINNOV HECO/S reactors allows heat recovery and ammonia evaporation simultaneously.


July 2015 – Continuous refrigeration model

This model has demonstrated that continuous refrigeration was possible thanks to the use of two reactors HECO/S operating in phase opposition.


May 2015 – B/C Models

B and C models are settled in a climate chamber to control condensing temperature and oil cooling system.

The 2nd generation of HECO/S reactors are removable in order to test different chemical compositions of the COLDINNOV reagent.


March 2015 – A Model

This first model of the complete system operates in two sequential phases. It allows the study of the reagent’s ageing process.


COLDINNOV demonstrator

COLDINNOV developed the D1.0 demonstrator for a quick demonstration of the thermochemical process.

The fast refrigeration effect always sparks interlocutors’ interest.