Why did they choose to join the COLDINNOV team?

COLDINNOV has a tight-knit and experienced team. Active partners and members of the Strategy Board complete the company’s structure.

Jean-Louis Juillard
Founding Partner, Chairman of the Strategy Board
“I created COLDINNOV because I dared to try ‘COOL INTELLIGENCE’ “
Lionel Bataille
COLDINNOV manager, founding partner
“There is no need to hope to undertake, nor succeed to persevere”
Jean-Michel Daviaud
Active partner, Member of the Strategy Board
Christian Cesbron
Active partner, 35-years career in the field of refrigeration
“For 150 years cold has been produced by compression thanks to electricity; COLDINNOV develops ecological cooling without electricity”
Phan Tran Ho
R&D project manager
“Joining a start-up, working with a young and dynamic team, taking part in an innovative project for the energy transition of tomorrow: I say “yes” to this adventure!”
Michel Dupuis
R&D Technician
“The taste of challenge and innovation”
Anthony Bonafé
Deputy Business Manager
“I chose COLDINNOV to get involved in the development of a green technology and take an active part in the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions”
Pilar Eude
Management Secretary
“To participate in the development of a start-up with an incredible project and a unique team and atmosphere! “