Why did they choose to join the COLDINNOV team?

COLDINNOV has a tight-knit and experienced team. Active partners and members of the Strategy Board complete the company’s structure.

Lionel Bataille
COLDINNOV manager, founding partner
"There is no need to hope to undertake, nor succeed to persevere"
Jean-Louis Juillard
Founding Partner, Chairman of the Strategy Board
"I created COLDINNOV because I dared to try ‘COOL INTELLIGENCE' "
Jean-Michel Daviaud
Active partner, Member of the Strategy Board
Christian Cesbron
Active partner, 35-years career in the field of refrigeration
"For 150 years cold has been produced by compression thanks to electricity; COLDINNOV develops ecological cooling without electricity”
Phan Tran Ho
R&D project manager
"Joining a start-up, working with a young and dynamic team, taking part in an innovative project for the energy transition of tomorrow: I say “yes” to this adventure!"
Michel Dupuis
R&D Technician
"The taste of challenge and innovation"
Anthony Bonafé
Deputy Business Manager
"I chose COLDINNOV to get involved in the development of a green technology and take an active part in the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions"
Pilar Eude
Management Secretary
"To participate in the development of a start-up with an incredible project and a unique team and atmosphere! "