Why did they choose to join the COLDINNOV team?

Coldinnov has a tight-knit and experienced. The active partners and the members of the Strategy Board complete the company.

Founding partner, Innovation manager.
“There is no need to hope to undertake, nor succeed to persevere”
Christian CESBRON
Active partner.
35-years career in the field of refrigeration “Before COLDINNOV, cooling was obtained using compression and electricity; with COLDINNOV’s innovation, cold is now ‘produced’ using waste heat and without electricity.”
Jean-Michel DAVIAUD
Active partner
R&D Technician.
” I was won over by the taste for challenge and innovation”.
Pilar EUDE
Management Secretary.
To take part in the development of a start-up with an incredible project.
Founding Partner, Chairman of the Strategy Board.
I created COLDINNOV because I dared to try ‘COOL INTELLIGENCE.            
R&D project manager
Joining a start-up, working with a young and dynamic team, taking part in an innovative project for the energy transition of tomorrow: I say “yes” to this adventure!  
Youssoupha MBOW
Project manager in thermochemical refrigeration
  « To engage in a global vision of energy, integrate a dynamic team and participate in the development of a start-up with an innovative technology »
(Français) Anthony BONAFE
Deputy Business Manager
I chose COLDINNOV to get involved in the development of a green technology and take an active part in the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.
R&D Technician
“I’ve joined COLDINNOV to participate in the development of energies which will help for a total respect of our environment.”

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