Jerlaure brings « solar cold » to the data-center in Nîmes

Article first published on 11 June 2017


The designer and builder of data-centers provides the new site of the regional operator Netiwan with a “solar cold” generator in Nîmes made by the French company COLDINNOV.

Jerlaure has already helped the University of Dijon recover the heat of its data-center for distribution to homes and kitchens on campus. Energy optimization remains the Holy Grail of the data-center, confirms Jerome Gremaud, development manager of Jerlaure.

A durable and economical energetic transition

“The regional data center in Nîmes addresses a local market. It’s important for the DSI which will cross the threshold of the cloud much more easily if it is close to home, says Jérôme Gremaud. We have an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with COLDINNOV. Our Synecthik DC range embeds this disruptive innovation that allows us to produce cold from the heat of the sun, without any consumption of electrical energy.”
Thanks to COLDINNOV from Toulouse, the next data-center of the Netiwan operator is aiming for a PUE inferior to 1.15 (except IT). Built on the outskirts of Nîmes, it will be delivered in the first quarter of 2018, with the first stone laid in June 2017.

A response to the demands of the local market

Supervised 24/7 and highly available, the future site plans to adapt to local demand, including organizing health data. It will host up to 80 computer bays spread in colocation spaces and private suites, on an IT area of an expandable 535 m², via a second building, up to 120 computer bays.

The initial ramp up will increase from 100 kW IT up to 600 kW IT, offering a density to customers at an average of 5 kW per bay.

For more information, watch the video below.