Product advantages

In its Toulouse workshops in France, COLDINNOV manufactures solutions for solar-powered refrigeration, freezing and air-conditioning under the FREECOLD® brand.

  • FREECOLD® refrigerators and freezers are marketed where there is no mains power supply,
  • They run off a photovoltaic panel without any additional electronics,
  • FREECOLD® refrigerators and freezers are ideal for all domestic applications, as well as for the commercial sector (restaurants, hostelry, the tourist sector, distribution and sale of food produce including open-air markets) and medical purposes (refrigeration of vaccines and medication in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries).

Solar-powered energy for refrigeration

Solar-powered refrigeration systems designed and manufactured by COLDINNOV under the FREECOLD® brand are fitted with the patented Ecotainer® system to maintain refrigeration quality at night and on days when there is no sun with a complete autonomy of 3 to 4 days.
The only energy consumed is via a photovoltaic sensor. The process makes it possible to use this energy to supply a compressor directly, without battery or voltage regulator. With input voltage variable between 10/42 VDC, the electronic management module allows the refrigeration unit to be operational, even in conditions of limited sunlight.
Performance is based both on the variable-voltage refrigeration unit, with 3 to 4 days autonomy based on storage of cold temperatures by phase change and heightened thermal insulation to meet the new A++ energy class.

The FREECOLD® Ecotainer® – an optimized system for maintaining cold temperatures

As soon as the sun appears, even for a few minutes, the system produces cold temperatures.
In order to compensate for discontinuity of sunlight, the FREECOLD® Ecotainer® enables a temperature of 2° to 8°C (-12°C in the freezer) to be maintained for 75 hours by redistributing cold during the night or on days when there is no sun. With regular sunlight, the system enables permanent refrigeration.
Refrigerators and freezers in the FREECOLD® range feature superior insulation quality previously only found in European A++ freezers (thickness of CFC-free expanded polyurethane foam 90mm on side and rear walls and 80mm on the cover) and an aluminium inner chamber and enhanced distribution of cold temperatures in the enclosure. The eutectic tank (special composite), the evaporator chamber and its insulating cowl have been specifically developed to optimize distribution of cold in the inner chamber by confining it to around the eutectic container. Core of the FREECOLD® system, this original unit is patent-protected.

Superior modularity

The solar collector can be placed on terraces or outside and the refrigerator inside buildings. The distance can be around 4 to 8m, with only the section of electrical cable linking collector and refrigerator needing to be adapted.
Just a few modifications to system architecture are sufficient to convert it into a hybrid unit that can be operated either on solar energy or with electricity (12/24 Volt DC battery or 220 Volt AC mains).

In normal operating mode, the refrigeration unit is sized to cool food in the refrigerator (for normal domestic or commercial use, as in hotels or local shops) and activate the Ecotainer® system for around 4 days, which ensures autonomy during the night-time and on days without sun.

Ease-of-maintenance and virtually unlimited life

All components used or implemented have lifetimes superior to 15 years.
This means no costly maintenance and no batteries to change. All that is required is a regular cleaning once a year and occasionally dusting the PV panel depending on the harshness of the environment in which the refrigerator operates. The system may be considered as being “100% maintenance-free”.

Download the FREECOLD® catalogue here