Refrigerators / freezers

FREECOLD® direct solar-powered refrigerators with inbuilt autonomy

RSI 180The FREECOLD® 180L refrigerator is directly connected to a photovoltaic module placed outside, on a roof or a terrace. There is no need for costly, limited-life batteries.

The day’s surplus energy is transformed and stored, not in batteries but a cold accumulator built into the core of the evaporator, the FREECOLD® Ecotainer®, to be distributed slowly during the night and on days without sun, and maintain refrigeration quality autonomously for 3 to 4 days depending on outside temperatures.
Download the presentation sheet here.


FRIGOMOBILE_300dpiThe FREECOLD® FrigoMobile is the ideal solution for developing a micro-enterprise in rural or suburban areas without electricity. It is made up of a 180L solar-powered refrigerator, a 240Wc PV module, a solar energy kit to create illumination, a USB DUO kit for recharging telephones and a trolley on wheels. COLDINNOV’s trolley manufacturing plans are freely available but the complete trolley can also be delivered, mounted or in kit.
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FREECOLD® battery-operated solar-powered refrigerators and freezers

RCSI 300FREECOLD® 180L and 300L RCSI refrigerators and freezers are designed and manufactured to high quality and reliability standards. Supplied by 12V or 24V battery, they can be used either as a refrigerator or chest freezer.
A digital display on the front of the unit makes it possible to programme and display inside temperatures.
Download the presentation sheet for the 180L here and the 300L here.


Armoire 360LFREECOLD® refrigerator and freezer cupboards feature high thermal insulation. On each of the 7 glass shelves, an unbreakable plastic drawer optimizes conservation of cold temperatures when opened. With a gross volume of 360L, they are supplied by photovoltaic solar power and 24V battery.
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Combiné 195LFREECOLD® 195L and 295L combined refrigerator-freezers are supplied by 12V or 24V batteries. They have two doors, with a refrigerator compartment and a freezer compartment, and are used for domestic applications.
Download the presentation sheet for the 195L here and the 295L here.


FREECOLD® portable 85L refrigerators and 65L freezers

85L_refrigerateurBoth provide good capacity and feature slim dimensions, with 47.5-cm width. The ultimate in compactness, this line is ideal for all domestic and leisure applications (camping-cars, caravans, pleasure boats, etc.).

Three electrical supply sources can be connected simultaneously (photovoltaic, 230V mains and 24V external battery) with automatic switching from one source to another, with priority to photovoltaic.
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