FREECOLD® solar air-conditioners.

CS09 and CS12 solar independent split air-conditioners These air conditioners benefit from a strong design with a 5-year warranty on the compressor and 3 years on the other parts;
With a cooling capacity of 2.6 kW (9,000 BTU) and 3.5 kW (12,000 BTU), they have significant energy efficiency coefficients (SEER) of 6.8 and 6.7 to limit the required energy of batteries and the power of the solar plant to be installed; Their strengths: acoustic comfort [28 and 33 dB(A)] and energy saving [class A++]; Their design ensures easy installation and time saving with the mounting plate and the installation bracket engineered to facilitate the connection of the fittings; Likewise, maintenance is facilitated by easy access to the filters and to the fan; Coupled to the photovoltaic modules, the FREECOLD boxed set guarantees the quality of the electrical supply and prioritizes the solar source before any other possible source, power grid or generator; The power of the solar plant and the capacity of battery storage will be defined according to whether the use will be professional (air-conditioning during the hours of the day) or domestic (air-conditioning in the evening after sunset).

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The FREECOLD® direct solar-powered split air-conditioner, designed for professional and technical facilities, for warm, sunny climates

Split climatiseursThe FREECOLD® 100% solar-powered air-conditioner is efficient wherever there is no mains supply. It does away with the need for expensive, limited-life batteries and inverters.

With a power rating of 8750 BTU/hr (2600W), it covers a wide spectrum of applications, in professional premises (offices, rooms, consulting rooms, shops & stores, workshops, etc.) and technical facilities (GSM/GPRS station bases, telephone exchanges, IT servers, battery stations, worksite shelters, shelters in remote locations, etc.).

Functional and efficient, it comes with R134a refrigerant fluid already installed. Its 2 interior and exterior units are ready to be connected with connectable and disconnectable screwed couplings. Electric wiring is preinstalled for immediate and reliable union.

The FREECOLD® solar-powered air-conditioner is a dual-use system providing air-conditioning during the day in direct sunlight and ventilation at night using its integrated battery.
Three electrical supply sources can be connected simultaneously (photovoltaic, 230V mains and 24V external battery) with automatic switching from one source to another, with priority to photovoltaic.

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