COLDINNOV sells several models of split solar air conditioners. With a robust and proven design, they can cool the indoor air of a home or business premises even in the absence of a reliable power grid.

Powered by photovoltaic solar panels during the day or by batteries at night, our 100% solar air conditioners can also be connected to the grid if needed, with automatic switching from one source to another. They are particularly suitable for areas with little to no connection to the electric grid, such as Africa or South America.

Observation: air conditioning usage is growing more and more in the world; the pollution it generates, too

Who has never dreamt of a bit of fresh air during a heatwave? With global warming and the increase in average incomes in emerging countries, air conditioning is growing very fast all over the world. The resulting sharp increase in electricity consumption will, according to the International Energy Agency, will lead to a doubling of CO2 emissions induced by air conditioning between 2016 and 2050.

Similarly, in areas with little to no electricity grid, air conditioning is most often provided by generators, that are polluting and noisy.

The FREECOLD solar air conditioning partly overcomes these problems. Our modular and easy-to-install solution offers access to cool air while avoiding the use of a non-existent or polluting electrical installation. Both domestic and professional premises can, thanks to FREECOLD, now be air-conditioned using the free energy of the Sun!

Mono-split solar air conditioners CS09 and CS12

FREECOLD by COLDINNOV solar-powered air conditioner

The CS09 and CS12 mono-split solar air conditioners make it possible to cool a house as well as a technical room using the energy of the Sun. They use a solar power-plant linked to an inverter and batteries to ensure operation during the night. A coupling with the electricity grid is also possible, with automatic switching from one source to another with priority to photovoltaics.

Their rugged and proven design ensures optimal operation even in the tropics, up to 50°C outdoor temperature.

To limit the cost of the solar installation, our air conditioners are energy class A++, guaranteeing low power consumption and optimal performance. They are also studied to ensure maximum acoustic comfort with a sound volume between 28 and 41 dB(A).

Technical characteristics

Cold power2,600 W (9,000 BTU/h)3,500 W (12,000 BTU/h)
Consumed electric power820 W1,150 W
Energy classA++
Power supplyPhotovoltaic solar, batteries or electricity grid
Cool airflow250 à 470 m3/h220 à 560 m3/h
Sound level of the indoor unit28 à 40 dB(A)33 à 41 dB(A)
Inside unit dimension H x L x D302 x 717 x 193 cm ; 7 kg302 x 805 x 193 cm ; 7.7 kg
Outside unit dimension H x L x D555 x 770 x 300 mm ; 26.6 kg555 x 800 x 330 mm ; 29.1 kg
Warranty25 years (solar panels)
5 years (compressor), 3 years (other parts)

The power of the solar power station and the capacity of the batteries are adjusted according to whether the use will be professional (air conditioning during the hours of the day) or domestic (air conditioning in the evening after sunset).


The mono-split solar air conditioner comes pre-charged with R410a refrigerant. Its 2 units, inside and out, are easily connected thanks to a mounting plate and an installation support studied to facilitate the junction of the connections.

Maintenance and service are also facilitated by easy access to the filters and the removable frame for quick access to the fan.

Download the presentation sheet of our CS09 and CS12 solar split air-conditioners

Split direct solar air conditioner SPL-260

FREECOLD by COLDINNOV split direct solar air-conditioner SPL-260

The direct solar split air conditioner FREECOLD® SPL-260 is the only air conditioner on the market to be directly connected to a 24 V DC voltage source. This unique feature avoids the use of expensive inverters with limited service life.

It also offers dual use: air-conditioning in the daytime using direct Solar power and ventilation at night using its built-in battery.

Its functional and refined to the extreme design also makes it a decorative element perfectly suited to a workshop.

Technical characteristics

Cold power2.600 W (9.000 BTU/h)
Consumed electric power720 W in 24 VDC
Power supply24 V, direct connection from photovoltaic panels or batteries
Preferred applicationsPreferred applications
professional and technical premises
Cool airflow400 m3
Sound level50 dB(A)
Inside unit dimension H x L x D500 x 350 x 700 mm ; 55 kg
Outside unit dimension H x L x D650 x 400 x 500 mm ; 27.5 kg
Warranty1 year


The direct solar split air conditioner is delivered preloaded with R134a refrigerant. Its indoor and outdoor units are ready to be connected with connectable and disconnectable screw couplers. The electrical wiring is pre-installed for an immediate and reliable connection.

Download the presentation sheet of our direct solar split air-conditioner

Mini split solar air conditioner MSP-500

Currently in development, the mini-split solar air conditioner is designed to cool small premises, professional or technical as well as domestic. Its particularity is to provide a fairly low refrigeration power, 500 to 750 W, while operating in 24 VDC. This unique configuration makes it possible to reduce the area of solar panels, as well as to eliminate the inverter, which is expensive and has a limited service life.

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