FREECOLD – Photovoltaic solar refrigeration

COLDINNOV manufactures in France solutions for solar-powered refrigeration, freezing and air-conditioning under the FREECOLD® brand

In parallel with its thermochemical cooling technology by heat recovery, COLDINNOV has developed the FREECOLD® photovoltaic solar refrigeration products.

  • The FREECOLD products are perfectly suited for areas with little or no connection to the electricity grid,
  • Their main power source is photovoltaic solar panels,
  • Their modular power supply can come, depending on the situation, from either direct solar power, or batteries, or using the network when it is available,
  • Our technology guarantees quality cooling for up to 4 days without sun,
  • FREECOLD products are suitable for all types of applications:
    • Residential,
    • Commercial: catering, hotels, tourism sector, distribution and sales of foodstuffs (including outdoor markets) …
    • Agricultural: dairy sector, conservation of crops …
    • Medical: refrigeration of vaccines and drugs …

Sun energy to produce cold

Every day, the Sun sends several dozen times the energy consumed by Man in a year. This fact allows us to benefit from a free and almost unlimited energy, we just have to collect it!

Installation of the 40 kWp solar power plant at the FREECOLD cold room in Cotonou (Benin)
Installation of the 40 kWp solar power plant at the FREECOLD cold room in Cotonou (Benin)

This energy is particularly abundant in Africa, where crop losses before sale are very important due to a lack of quick access to refrigeration. Similarly, it can be seen that refrigeration and air-conditioning requirements increase with the intensity of solar radiation. All this drives the development of autonomous cold rooms, milk tanks, refrigerators and air conditioners.

From these observations came the idea of FREECOLD, to produce cold from solar energy!

A simple and easily adjustable operation

The solar refrigeration systems designed and manufactured by COLDINNOV under the FREECOLD® brand are equipped with proven and particularly energy efficient compression systems.

Their modular power supply can be done in direct solar, via batteries, or directly using the electricity grid. The priority is given to photovoltaics to maximize its use. This prioritization also makes it possible to reduce the load on the batteries, and consequently to optimize their maintenance.

We also take great care of the insulation quality of our products. This is why most of our refrigerators and freezers are of A ++ energy class.

Our service includes the product itself, pre-loaded and pre-wired, as well as the associated photovoltaic system, complete with solar panels and power electronics. All is made to facilitate assembly and commissioning.

FREECOLD products

The FREECOLD range includes different products types, all based on the photovoltaic solar technology.

Refrigerators and freezers:

Our solar refrigerators and freezers come in cabinet or chest. Their volume varies between 65 liters for the most compact to 360 liters for the largest. They can also be powered using different technologies:

  • Solar refrigeration without battery and without inverter thanks to a management module with variable input voltage 10/42 VDC, and to the FREECOLD Ecotainer®
  • Solar coupled to a battery or linked to the grid, via an inverter, to offer greater modularity

FREECOLD also markets the FrigoMobile. As the name suggests, it is a refrigerator or freezer mounted on a cart to make it mobile, making it an ideal solar-powered street vending cart. This system allows the sale of refrigerated products for example on the markets or on the beach.

FREECOLD range of solar refrigerators and freezers, photovoltaic solar refrigeration
FREECOLD range of solar refrigerators and freezers

Solar cold rooms and ice-making rooms

Our solar and modular cold rooms allow for the refrigeration of bulky products. In particular, they are ideal for storing crops and foodstuffs before selling them. Indeed in Africa for example, nearly half of the agricultural products are lost due to a lack of rapid access to refrigeration. FREECOLD helps you to avoid wastage and therefore increase your income!

A regular supply of ice is also essential to preserve fish and meat. Today however, it is difficult to obtain in areas not connected to a reliable electricity grid, which makes it a valuable asset. Its scarcity leads to a significant shortfall for producers because of the associated product losses.

This is why FREECOLD also markets an autonomous solar ice-making room, capable of producing up to 200 kg of ice a day without being connected to the electricity grid.

FREECOLD solar cold room at Cotonou airport (Benin), photovoltaic solar refrigeration
FREECOLD solar cold room at Cotonou airport (Benin)

Solar milk tank

In the same spirit of reducing agricultural waste, our milk tanks are available in 125, 225 et 300 liters capacity and cool the milk down to 4°C in 2 hours. They can also be coupled with a pasteurizer to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria. This installation allows farmers in remote areas to better preserve and sell the product of their milking!

FREECOLD solar milk tank, photovoltaic solar refrigeration
FREECOLD solar milk tank, complete with its electrical cabinet and batteries

Solar air-conditioner

Who has never dreamed of fresh air during a heat wave? With global warming and rising average incomes in emerging countries, air conditioning is increasingly developing around the world. This results in a sharp increase in electricity consumption which, according to the International Energy Agency, should lead to a doubling of CO2 emissions induced by air conditioning between 2016 and 2050.

Similarly, in areas with little to no access to the electricity grid, air conditioning is most often provided by generators, which are polluting, costly and noisy.

The FREECOLD solar split air-conditioners partially overcomes these issues. Our modular and easy-to-install solution offers access to cooling while avoiding the use of a non-existent or polluting electrical installation.

Climatiseur solaire hybride FREECOLD
FREECOLD hybrid solar split air-conditioner

Solar kits

Apart from refrigeration, FREECOLD also markets photovoltaic solar products mainly designed to fulfil African needs:

  • Solar street lighting, ideal for example to improve safety in a street or light a village square
  • Solar phone chargers, allowing the simultaneous charging of 10 phones
  • Various solar kits, giving access to solar electricity everywhere in homes or offices
FREECOLD solar kits, photovoltaic solar refrigeration
FREECOLD solar kits, from street lighting to home electricity

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