Solar-powered cold room

The modular solar cold room

  • Featuring a modular design which fulfils the requirements of the various food industry segments, the room’s volume of between 12 to over 30 m3 offers an ideal, adaptable solution for storing harvest produce and foodstuffs in optimum conditions.
  • Between 200 kg and 800 kg of harvest produce can be cooled daily, using storage batteries with capacities from 10 to 24 kWh that provide between 30 and over 60 hours of autonomy.
  • The monoblock refrigeration unit (from 2,200 W to 4,500 W) comes ready to install and simply slots into place via 2 notches at the top of the panel.
  • The electrical cabinet guarantees supply of quality power, even during network cut-off or failure.
  • Batteries integrated into the cabinet make it possible to smooth out peaks and troughs, as well as intermittent energy from the photovoltaic source.
  • Scalable, installed capacity varies from 3 to 6 kW to adapt to cold room conditions of use.

Download the presentation sheet here.

The solar freezer-room to make 200 kg of ice in pouch per day

The need for ice is daily in Africa, storekeepers or people buy it every day, for business use or for their families;
In market towns and villages that are not connected to the electricity grid, ice is a very valuable product; Sold in small pouches of 1 kg, it is used to refresh drinking water and beverages, but it is also essential to preserve food such as meat and fish;
The FREECOLD solar freezer-room responds to this need for accessible cold and creates a new trade activity of ice production for a village or roadside sale, while guaranteeing a high profitability and a rapid return on investment of less than 2 years.

Download the presentation sheet here