Field work: a solar-powered cold room in Cotonou to preserve pineapple !

From the first official presentations to its inauguration, relive day after day the construction of the FREECOLD 100 % solar-powered cold room in Cotonou (Benin).

This cold room can refrigerate daily up to 12 tons of freshly harvested pineapple before they are shipped to Europe. It fills the volume of 2 contiguous containers and is powered by a 40 kW solar power plant.

The solar-powered cold room designed and installed by COLDINNOV was officially inaugurated on February 28, 2019. This equipment is part of the PINEX project, Pineapples for Export, driven by the American NGO Partners For Development. It was also funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop the pineapple industry in Benin.

The inauguration

Assembly work

Beginning of the project

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