COLDINNOV’s thermochemical cooling awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

Label Solar Impulse - Avril 2020

The Solar Impulse Foundation just awarded its label to COLDINNOV’s solution of HECO/C thermochemical cooling and waste heat recovery!

This is a great recognition for COLDINNOV and for its Cold-ID subsidiary, in charge of the technical and commercial development of our solution, after more than 6 years of R&D and very significant investments.

As part of this label, the foundation commits to connect us with technical, financial and commercial partners to promote our technology.

The Solar Impulse Foundation

First created by Bertrand Piccard for its round the world project in a solar plane, the Solar Impulse Foundation now aims to highlight existing solutions that are either little known or in the development phase, to reduce the impact of human activities on our environment.

Through this label, the foundation aims in particular to bridge the gap between ecology and economy by combining environmental protection and financial sustainability. It thus selects solutions that are both economically profitable and technically viable, which are therefore capable of attracting investors and customers.

Ultimately, 1,000 solutions around the world will be selected and labeled as Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions.

Find out more about our solution on its page on the Solar Impulse Foundation website