COLDINNOV thermochemical cooling at HyDeO hydrogen seminar in Narbonne!

COLDINNOV at the HyDeO seminar on hydrogen

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COLDINNOV participates in the hydrogen seminar organized by HyDeO and hosted by the Narbonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on June 20th. Many stakeholders of the hydrogen sector in the Occitanie region will also be represented. The purpose of this meeting is to create synergies between the different actors in order to promote the development of the sector.

COLDINNOV thermochemical cooling and hydrogen, a promising combination

Clean, odorless, renewable, suitable for the storage of renewable electricity … many are the adjectives that apply to hydrogen. Yet to date, the energy efficiency of fuel cells is about 0.5. This means that, for 1 kWh of hydrogen consumed, 0.5 kWh become electricity, and the remaining 0.5 kWh are converted into heat, which is lost.

This is where the COLDINNOV thermochemical cooling solution enters the scene!

COLDINNOV process: Cold production using a thermochemical adsorption cycle
COLDINNOV’s thermochemical adsorption refrigeration cycle

Our innovative and patented technology allows cold production from waste heat. To achieve this, we replace the compressor of a conventional refrigeration unit by a reactor of our design. Within it occur adsorption and desorption reactions. The heat recovered on the fuel cell is used during this last phase. Our thermochemical refrigeration actually has very little need for electricity: all the energy needed for its operation uses a source of waste heat!

Developing our process in connection with the hydrogen sector could improve its profitability and thus help its development. The HyDeO seminar will be an important step for us to get to know the H2 field, its stakeholders, and their needs.