COLDINNOV guided for exportation by the CCI Occitanie

Article first published in Voccitanie, the CCI Occitanie media, in September 2018. CCI stands for Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

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Neither hot nor cold: Coldinnov radiates


The Toulouse company COLDINNOV, which has developed an environmentally friendly “cold production” process, has signed a major contract for turnkey in the 3rd quarter of 2018 of a 100% solar cold room at the Cotonou airport site in Benin.

The idea of harnessing heat produced by a motor to exploit nearby or produce energy is not new. COLDINNOV’s idea is more innovative: producing cold from heat released by any thermal motorization. How? Thanks to a reversible chemical reaction between a solid (the reagent developed by the company) and a gas (ammonia: NH3) in a reactor patented by COLDINNOV. The main target markets are the agri-food industry and road transport (since the engine’s heat of a truck is used to refrigerate its cargo) but other markets are interested: passenger transportation, refrigerated sea transport (or fishing vessels), air conditioning of offices in industry …

« The contract signed with Benin was obtained following an international tender launched by an NGO (Partners For Development), funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In this case, it is to refrigerate, using solar energy, a warehouse where are stored daily 12 tons of pineapple, of which Benin is the third African producer “says Lionel Bataille founder and partner of COLDINNOV. Born in the club of Eco-Enterprises, COLDINNOV was supported in this project by CCI Occitanie. The company was thus accompanied in its steps to export by the CCI Occitanie which has associated its leader with the program Accession Export (a training program supported by the Region, led by the regional CCI and marketed by the local CCIs). “The CCI trainings were a good starting point for securing payments and learning logistics for export. I took part in the Destination International Forum at Entiore in 2010 and it helped me get to get a foot in the door. “

The process implemented in Cotonou is emblematic of the so-called “solar cold” specialty of the Toulouse company since it uses a photovoltaic plant for the production of energy. The solution was considered appropriate for this country, which does not produce enough electricity for its consumption. Created in 2008 with the FREECOLD brand, COLDINNOV’s headquarters are in Toulouse as well as its R&D unit, which is refining a new generation cold generation technology based on a thermochemical reaction, a natural refrigerant with no environmental impact. With five employees, COLDINNOV expects a turnover of € 350,000 for 2018.