COLDINNOV at the CPAD Comoros in Paris

COLDINNOV attended the Comoros Development Partners Conference (CPAD) held at the European headquarters of the World Bank in Paris on December 2nd and 3rd, 2019 (

This event was an opportunity for Hachim Said, FREECOLD distributor in the Comoros, and Lionel Bataille, manager of COLDINNOV, to meet international institutions, NGOs and entrepreneurs from the Moon Islands and to present the two solar cold rooms installed in pay-as -you-go mode at the Moroni market, as well as the project development program on the 3 islands of the archipelago.

At the end of the conference, the Comoros succeeded in mobilizing more than 4.3 billion dollars for the financing of the Comoros Emerging Plan, whose objective is in particular to make up for the backlog accumulated in terms of energy and transport infrastructure.

FREECOLD pay-as-you-go solar cold room set up at the Moroni market (Comoros)
One of the solar cold rooms set up at the Moroni market