COLDINNOV, Expert in thermochemical and solar cooling

An innovative green-tech company, COLDINNOV is developing two key fields of renewable cold production:

  • Our main focus is on developing a breakthrough innovation in thermochemical cooling. This patented technology allows us to turn waste heat into sustainable cooling by using a thermochemical solid / gas reaction and ammonia. Heat can come from various sources, including industryagriculture or tertiarytransportation (by sea, trucks or rail); or even renewable sources (solar thermal …).
  • On the other hand, COLDINNOV designs, manufactures and markets autonomous solar photovoltaic cooling units under the FREECOLD brand. Our range extends from the fridge to the milk tank and the cold room. It allows access to refrigeration even in areas that are not connected to the electricity grid.

Our solution: drawing cold from waste heat

label Solar Impulse - April 2020

The technology developed and patented by COLDINNOV is based on a thermochemical solid / gas adsorption reaction using ammonia (NH3). Unlike the HFC and HCFC gases used today, ammonia is a natural refrigerant that has no effect on global warming or the ozone layer.

Therefore, this solution is an alternative to conventional refrigeration, provided mainly by compression systems and characterized by:

  • Their energy consumption: they represent 15% of global electricity consumption
  • Their refrigerant fluids: Fluoride-based, most are harmful to the ozone layer and amplify climate change

COLDINNOV solutions mitigate the impact of refrigeration on the environment by improving energy efficiency and recovering waste or renewable heat.

Without a compressor or moving parts and silent, the COLDINNOV system drastically reduces the consumption of cooling systems in electricity or fuel.

COLDINNOV’s innovation also lies in the adaptability of the technology to several power scales as well as to different energy vectors as the main source of heat. This allows us to develop a wide range of applications in static cooling as well as in mobile refrigeration.

FREECOLD: our solutions for your access to off-grid cooling

FREECOLD by COLDINNOV is a well-known brand of autonomous solar refrigeration units. Made in France, our products are intended for the development of autonomous refrigeration infrastructures in regions with little to no connection to the electricity grid, or benefiting from strong sunshine.

In Africa particularly, between 20 to 40% of harvests are lost before being sold due to the lack of access to cooling facilities. Our solution allows you to make the most of this continent’s exceptional sunshine to boost the development of its agriculture.

We offer a whole range of solar cold roomsmilk tanksair conditionersrefrigerators and freezers. They operate either only from direct solar photovoltaic energy, or by a mix of solar power, batteries and grid when it is available. This allows FREECOLD products to better adapt to local needs and constraints.

Latest news

COLDINNOV has moved to

34 chemin de l’Echut, local 6, 31770 Colomiers, France, to more functional premises for better working conditions for our teams and more efficient service to our customers. We have some problems with the telephone line, but you can reach us by email or at +33 (0) 6 84 91 46 32

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A 4th FREECOLD refrigerator for Wind 34 at Lake Salagou in Southern France

Wind 34 has installed its 4th FREECOLD solar refrigerator in its shady hut on the shores of Lake Salagou, near the Haut Languedoc Nature Park. This beautiful area of relaxation and activities offers walkers and holidaymakers, pedalos, paddle boards, canoes and …  Salagou’s coolest drinks! Wind 34 installed its first FREECOLD refrigerator in 2013, and […]

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COLDINNOV’s thermochemical cooling awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

label Solar Impulse - April 2020

The Solar Impulse Foundation just awarded its label to COLDINNOV’s solution of HECO/C thermochemical cooling and waste heat recovery! This is a great recognition for COLDINNOV and for its Cold-ID subsidiary, in charge of the technical and commercial development of our solution, after more than 6 years of R&D and very significant investments. As part […]

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Christmas holidays 2019

For the holidays, COLDINNOV will take a break from December 24th to January 1st included. No time to cool down, we will be available again on January 2th! The whole COLDINNOV team wishes you a merry Christmas

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COLDINNOV at the CPAD Comoros in Paris

COLDINNOV attended the Comoros Development Partners Conference (CPAD) held at the European headquarters of the World Bank in Paris on December 2nd and 3rd, 2019 ( This event was an opportunity for Hachim Said, FREECOLD distributor in the Comoros, and Lionel Bataille, manager of COLDINNOV, to meet international institutions, NGOs and entrepreneurs from the Moon […]

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