Coldinnov : an innovative green business

An innovative start-up, COLDINNOV develops new generation refrigeration technology based on a solid/gas thermochemical reaction, a natural refrigerant fluid without any environmental impact and recovery of wasted or sustainable heat.

COLDINNOV technology is an alternative to conventional refrigeration, provided mostly by compression systems and characterised by:

  • High energy consumption: they represent 15% of global electricity production
  • Use of refrigerant fluids, most of which are Fluorine-based, are harmful to the ozone layer and contribute to global warming

The COLDINNOV solutions mitigate the impact of industry and transport on the environment through improved energy efficiency and recovery of wasted or sustainable heat.
Because it has no compressor, no moving parts and is silent, COLDINNOV’s technology can drastically reduce the electricity or fuel consumption of refrigeration systems.

The COLDINNOV innovation also lies in the adaptability of the technology to several power levels and to several energy vectors as the primary heat source, making it possible to imagine a wide range of applications. COLDINNOV fits well into the trend for the development of green technology that enables industry and transport to move towards energy transition.

Latest news

Bénin:La chambre froide solaire installée par Coldinnov à l’aéroport de Cotonou sera inaugurée officiellement le 28 février en présence de plusieurs ministres béninois et du président de l’ONG américaine Partners for Development à l’origine du projet PINEX, Pineapples for Export.

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MALI – Le 24 janvier Coldinnov a expédié 15 tanks à lait solaires vers Bamako Les 2 conteneurs sont bien arrivés ! Ces installations vont permettre d’améliorer et de structurer la filière laitière malienne.

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